Quick Update

Quick Update

Published: May 28, 2021

I recently discussed Goldzilla, the long-overdue 8th Esther Diamond novel with my editor. We’re planning for delivery of the manuscript later this year and publication in 2022. That’s all the information I have for now. My profound and sincere apologies not only for the long delay on this book, but also for my late or total lack of response to anyone who has asked me about it.

First up on my plate, though, is completing my ... » read more

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Esther Diamond in Audio!


Full-cast audio productions

The first 7 Esther Diamond novels have been adapted as full-cast audio productions!

Graphic Audio, producer of the Esther Diamond audiobooks, describes its productions as “a movie in your mind.” Each character in the book is played by a different actor, and the production also incorporates sound effects (as well as background music).

Actress Colleen Delany, who does a wonderful job as Esther in these productions, is also the director. The casting has been excellent, the performances are delightful, and the sound editors have really brought the settings to life.

You can buy these audiobooks individually, or as a 7-book set. You can also listen to a free sample of each book on its individual page at Graphic Audio.  Or listen to this promo, which is a combination of short clips from Disappearing Nightly:

“Fans of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series will appreciate this series’ lively heroine and the ap­pealing combination of humor, mystery, and ro­mance.” 

— Library Journal

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Esther Diamond #8, Goldzilla, expected out in 2022


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