New Silerian Short Story, Coming Soon

Just back from ConFusion in Dearborn (Detroit), Michigan, where I had a very good time, visited with old friends,  made new friends, talked craft and business (two of my favorite subjects), and did not get enough sleep. Same old, same old. 

Came home to find that the interior illustrations are all completed for BLACKGUARDS, an anthology in which I’ve got a new short story set in Sileria. Here it is!

This is for a story titled “Friendship,” set two or three years before In Legend Born (Book 1 of the Silerian Trilogy) takes place. In Valdani-occupied Sileria, two powerful waterlords in the outlawed Honored Society are competing for dominance in the lawless mountain regions where the empire’s Outlookers have only tenuous control of the volatile and perpetually feuding population. When someone offers Kiloran friendship–always a very loaded term in Sileria–in exchange for his help with a problem, the shrewd old waterlord sees a chance to outmaneuver his ambitious younger rival, Baran, and so he sends one of his most capable assassins on a dangerous and secretive mission…

This story was commissioned by Ragnarok Publications for their upcoming anthology, Blackguards (for which I don’t yet have a firm release date, but it’s apparently going to be this spring). Funded by Kickstarter, the project raised so much money that all the stretch goals got funded–including commissioning an artist to do an original illustration for every story in the book. You can view the whole set of drawings here.

It’s going to be a very cool anthology with a lot of great stories, and as soon as we have a firm release date, I’ll let you know!

3 thoughts on “New Silerian Short Story, Coming Soon

  1. Ha Nguyen says:

    Yes! Good news – although, I was not part of the Kickstarter. Will this also be available for sale via Barnes & Noble / Amazon, etc?

  2. Laura says:

    Yes, it should be available (as the saying goes) wherever books are sold, in both print and ebook formats. (Like I said, I don’t know the release date yet. But they’re getting close to having everything ready, from the sound of it, so I think they’ll set a ate fairly soon…)

  3. Laura says:

    MEANWHILE–apologies to anyone who has to wait for their comment to be posted. I’m still learning how to use WordPress (and am also getting some SPAM here). Will try to fix the settings so that, after the first time you post on this site, your comments go through automatically.

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