Rejection, Romance and Royalties

Rejection, Romance and Royalties by

The Wacky World of a Working Writer

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be writers…

A collection of Laura’s columns and essays on writing, the writing life, and dealing with the publishing world. These are the real life adventures of a novelist staying sane despite what her profession inflicts on her. And she lived to tell the tale!

“Laura Resnick’s witty comments on the struggles a writer faces in today’s world of publishing are refreshingly insightful. A welcome voice in an often solitary profession.”

—Jean Auel, author of Clan of the Cave Bear

“The best book on the writing life since Bird By Bird or The Artist’s Way.  The incisive and insightful Laura Resnick cuts right to the heart of the joys, sorrows, costs, and rewards of pursuing the creative dream.”

—Teresa Medeiros, New York Times bestselling author

“From the role talent, passion, and luck play in a writer’s life to dealing with difficult editors and publishers, Resnick doesn’t pull any punches, but her hard-won, practical advice will inspire both aspiring and published writers as it helps them navigate the always choppy waters of the publishing world.”


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The Details

Publisher: Blonde Trifecta
(1st Edition: Jefferson Press)
Published: June 2007

A Blonde in Africa

A Blonde in Africa by

When Laura Resnick set out to cross Africa, she knew it would be exciting. But she didn’t know that she would:

  • be forced to drive through a live mine field in the Sahara
  • be attacked by bandits in Tanzania
  • be arrested in Nigeria and the Central African Republic
  • attend a ceremony where men stab themselves in the belly
  • stay in a campsight where lions like to rip open the tents
  • fall out of her boat while running the Zambezi’s rapids
  • play with wild gorillas in the mountains of Zaire
  • go on a spear-hunt with pygmies in the Ituri Rain Forest

(This book is out of print and available only through used-book vendors. I hope to release an ebook edition in 2015.)


Currently Out of Print

The Details

Publisher: Alexander Books
Published: June 1997

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Laura writes a monthly opinion, "The Mad Scribbler," for Nink, the monthly journal of Novelists, Inc., an international organization for professional novelists. For a free downloadable sample copy of Nink, including Laura's column, go to the home page of

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