Short Fiction

There’s a complete list of all my short fiction (more than sixty stories) in the Bibliography.

New Stories

"Galatea: A Modern Myth"

"Galatea: A Modern Myth" by

A novella published in 3 parts

In 2017, Arc Manor published a serialized version of my paranormal romance novella, Galatea, in 3 parts. It’s a contemporary version of the ancient Greek legend of Pygmalion and Galatea—and what I suspect the challenges are in a relationship with a man who’s only able to love a perfect statue of his own making…

The bookseller links provided here are for the edition (Feb 2017) of the magazine in which part 1 of the novella appeared; parts 2 and 3 were released in the next two issues (April & June). In addition to the usual booksellers, you can also buy Mobi or ePub formatted ebooks of the magazine directly from the publisher. See the links at Heart’s Kiss.

Editor: Denise Little

The Details

Publisher: Arc Manor
Published: February 2017
ISBN-10: 1612423353
ISBN-13: 978-1612423357

Unidentified Funny Objects 6

Unidentified Funny Objects 6 by

The sixth annual volume of the Unidentified Funny Objects anthology series!

UFO6  features lighthearted science fiction and fantasy tales from the masters of the genre.

In Laura’s story, “Lost and Found,” politicians in D.C. take an extra-long golf weekend after scientists spot an unidentified object hurtling directly toward Earth at alarming speed… bringing some surprise visitors.

Editor: Alex Shvartsman

The Details

Publisher: UFO Publishing
Published: October 2017
ISBN-10: 0999269003
ISBN-13: 978-0999269008
ASIN: B07649HN6C

The Cackle of Cthulhu

The Cackle of Cthulhu by

Top authors poke fun at—and pay tribute to—H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos

Twenty-three mirthful manifestations within the Cthulhu Mythos from best-selling and award-winning authors Neil Gaiman, Mike Resnick, Esther Friesner, Ken Liu, Jody Lynn Nye, Laura Resnick, Nick Mamatas, and many more!

In Laura’s story—”Cthulu, P.I.”—the Unspeakable Eater of Souls solve crimes on the pulpy streets of Innsmouth, hired by a client who’s not quite what she seems to be.

Editor: Alex Shvartsman

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Publisher: Baen Books
Published: January 2018
ISBN-10: 1481483005
ISBN-13: 978-1481483001

Collected Short Fiction

Highway To Heaven

Highway To Heaven by

Twelve Blasphemous Short Stories

The blasphemy collection is here! Campbell Award winning fantasy author Laura Resnick takes on heaven, hell, salvation, eternity, and Yahweh in this volume containing twelve of her short stories.

  • Highway To Heaven
  • Creation: The Launch!
  • No Room For the Unicorn
  • A Wind From Heaven
  • She of the Night
  • The Capo of Darkness
  • Confessional
  • The Infernal Revenant Service
  • Upon A Midnight Dreary
  • Jesus H. Christ
  • The Spear of Destiny
  • Project: Creation

In Resnick’s otherworldly collection, the Lord God commissions a wiseguy to clean up the road to salvation, the US army retrieves the Spear of Destiny from Nuremburg with the help of a mysterious operative, Professor Yahweh attempts to design Creation intelligently, and a Hollywood screenwriter seeks help from an archangel to dissolve his writer’s block.

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Publisher: Blonde Trifecta
Published: February 2011

Maybe You've Heard of Me?

Maybe You've Heard of Me? by

Fifteen Fantastical Tales of Famous Figures

In this collection of fifteen of her previously published short stories, Campbell Award winning fantasy author Laura Resnick riffs on the fantastical misadventures of the famous and infamous, both human and otherwise.

  • Camelot’s Greatest Hits
  • By Any Other Name
  • Under A Sky More Fiercely Blue
  • The Lily Maid of Astolat
  • The Abominable Snowman
  • The Fortunes of Temperance
  • Qadishtu
  • The Adventure of the Missing Coffin
  • Licensed To Reclaim
  • Grievous Wounds
  • Those Rowdy Royals!
  • The Spin Wizard
  • Curren’s Song
  • The Quin Quart
  • Avant Vanguard

Robin Hood experiences supply and demand problems, Merlin the Magician tries to turn a recalcitrant musician into a war leader, a lonely boy meets the Loch Ness Monster, Ramses the Mediocre hires a spin wizard to turn him into Ramses the Great, King Arthur looks for meaning in his life as he faces his death, the world’s most famous consulting detective assists a bloodsucking client who wants to be immortalized by an Irish novelist, and Santa tries to find work in a tropical clime for the abominable snowman.

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The Details

Publisher: Blonde Trifecta
Published: February 2011